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Funeral Flower Ediquette

While you want to send flowers to the family of the departed, there are some certain rules that should be followed such as who gives what type of flowers. 

Casket Sprays, Pillows, Urn Surrounds - These are usually ordered by the closest living relative such as the spouse, parents, siblings.

Wreaths, Crosses, Hearts- The next closest family member is who usually gives these. For example, siblings or Aunts and Uncles.

Standing Sprays- Standing Sprays can be given by either family members or close family friends. 

Vase Arrangements and Plants- Anyone can send these to show sympathy to the bereaving family. Please note that plants are usually sent to the home and not the location of the funeral. 

When you are ready to place your order with your florist, please make sure you have the location you would like to have the flowers delivered to such as the wake location, funeral home, church, or gravesite. Also have the day and time of the service as the florist will want to confirm with the location the best time to drop off the flowers. 

Colors and Types of Flowers

White - White flowers is the traditional flower color representing peace, honor, and innocence. The most commonly used white flowers are roses, lily's, carnations, and mums.

Pink - Pink flowers represent love, innocence, gentleness, and sensitivity. They also symbolize the remembrance of the deceased. Common flowers used are roses and carnations. 

Purple - Purple flowers represent respect, grace, sorrow, sympathy, refinement and elegance.  If you choose lavender flowers, they represent personal healing, innocence, purity of heart, faithfulness, serenity, virtue, grace, and peace of mind. 

Yellow - Yellow flowers represent strong ties of friendship to the deceased, warmth, and hope in the face of sadness. Yellow flowers can also mean sympathy, respect, and compassion. Typical flowers used are roses, sunflowers, and gerbras. 

Red - Red flowers represents admiration to the deceased as well as love, strength,  and respect. It is typical to NOT send red flowers to an Asian funeral as it is considered a happy color. Common flowers used are roses, gladiolus, gerbras, and carnations.

Blue - Blue flowers represent sadness, sympathy and peace. It also means, peacefulness, the release of negative feelings, relaxation and loyalty. Traditional blue flowers include hydrangea, iris, and delphinium. 

Orange - Orange flowers represent enthusiasm, joy, adventurous, and warmth. Orange flowers are usually used to show the deceased personality. 

When not to send flowers - If the departed was of the Jewish faith it is inappropriate to send flowers to the funeral. Traditionally flowers are for a time of celebration and not grief. For the Muslim faith, flowers are traditionally given after the burial during the 40 days of mourning, though some say that flowers are inappropriate. Check with the family on how they would proceed. For the Church of Latter Day Saints and Mormans, sending crosses is seen as inappropriate. 

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