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Flower Arrangement

About The Designer 


We are an at home based florist located in Prescott, AZ, but close to Chino Valley, Williamson Valley, and Prescott Valley. Living off 89A gives an opportunity to be able to get anywhere fairly quickly.  With a delivery only approach and being home based, I am able to do same day deliveries and have a flexible schedule. If you need a last minute delivery at 5 pm, give me a call, I can probably do it. Plus, I am able to accommodate Sunday deliveries.

With not being tied to FTD, 1800-Flowers, and others like this; the arrangement you order will be custom designed for your recipient. 

I am formally trained in florals for Weddings, Funerals, Events, and every day. I am always expanding my knowledge of classic floral design and new and upcoming trends. My philosophy is to keep learning about what you are interested in. Education is something that cannot be taken away from you and will only make you more successful in life. 

For all your floral needs, I would love to be of assistance to make someone happy.




Oh what can we say about our Mabel. She is scared of everything but barks like she isn't. She is the boss of the family and she knows it. Mabel has found a way to get your hand to which ever spot she wants scratched on her body by taking her leg and wrapping it around your arm and guiding it to the spot. She is another rescue who was abused, adopted and returned, and then we found her. She is a daddy's girl who loves to play soccer and frisbee. 


Louise is the newest addition to the family, adopted from Northern Arizona Humane Trappers. She was a rescue from a reservation in New Mexico with her brother. What can I say, she is smart as a whip, loves to play with Mabel, and likes to snuggle. She is giving Mabel a run for her money which has knocked her down a peg, which we thinks she deserves. She is the dog I always wanted. Not saying, I don't love the other 2 dearly but they have their faults (barking, non-snuggly) just as she does (stealing food). But she came into my life at a good time as our older dog, Stewie, was declining and life is forever changing and puppy kisses were needed. 

All dogs in these photos have been, and still are spoiled rotten. If you are able to, please make sure to adopt your next pet. They give so much love. No one needs a purebred. Mutts live longer and are not prone to many of the dieses pure breeds are as they have been so interbred. Just remember pets live up to 20 years. You wouldn't decide to have a kid and then 3 years or 10 years down the road give them away or abandon them on a side of a road. Also, don't use moving as an excuse!!! There are more pet friendly rentals that you can imagine, just look.



Sara -

I am the founder and sole employee of Old Soul Floral; lover of nature and animals. I have always loved flowers but found my passion for design when my sister got engaged.  I told her I would purchase her flowers and create all the centerpieces and I had no clue what I was doing.  At the time I was living in the Chicago Suburbs and I found a local florist who offered classes to the public so I signed up and was hooked.


After the wedding I continued to take classes and took classes anywhere I could. I completed my certification courses at the Las Vegas School of Floral Design completed my Certified Floral Designer (CFD) exam with the AIFD and am currently taking classes to become an Arizona Master Florist. These will allow me to have fancy initials after my name and be recognized by my peers for my education in the floral arts. It has also taught me more about flowers than YouTube videos and "fun" classes can. I have learned about botany, color theory, art, and design. I believe highly in education. Dreams can only take you so far; a good education and practice will make those dreams come true. So that is what I am doing, I am learning from anyone I can and any method I can. This will make me a better florist and will take my imagination to places from what if, to sure, why not try that.

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