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Looking to add flowers to your home or business on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis? Old Soul Floral can now make that happen and deliver fresh flowers directly to your door.

No contracts and you can change the size of the arrangement at any time. It's perfect if you are having a dinner party one week and need to change it up or even if you need to add an extra week if you are having guests.

Flowers will come in three sizes. Petite - perfect for a night stand, side table, or book shelf. Quintessential - great for a centerpiece, kitchen island, or a dresser. Striking - ideal for a dining table, large kitchen island, entry room table, or a buffet table.

Of course, if you want something larger, this can always be discussed.
Flowers will be delivered on first and third Thursdays of the month. Each time a new arrangement is delivered you will be asked to exchange the previous vase. This will keep the cost down and the clutter out of your homes. The prices shown include tax and delivery.

Call 928-636-3789 to set up your subscription now. Special small business pricing available. 

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