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Basket of Flowers


Do you offer full service weddings?

Unfortunately at this time I only offer limited services. As I am only 1 person, installations are impossible to do at this time. 


I am interested in speaking to you about flowers for a custom event. Why do I need to complete a questionnaire?

I want to make sure that I am a good fit for you and I am hoping that by answering some of the questions you will see if I am a good for you as well. It will also give me a better understanding of what you are looking for and that I can provide you with the best service possible prior to an in person appointment.

What happens after I fill out the questionnaire?​

I will review the questionnaire and give you a call and set up an appointment if it a serious inquiry. There will be a $75 consultation fee that will go towards your non-refundable deposit if booked. 

Why are the flowers I want not available?

There are many reasons the flowers you want may not be available, for one they could not be in season. When COVID hit many farms had to lay off their workers which in turn required the farmers to plow their fields under and so they have little to no product to offer. Because of COVID as well, no flowers were selling because wedding and events were being postponed and flower farmers could no longer afford to keep their farms and had to sell. As florists we try our best but substitutions may be required. 

I am interested in setting up a private class?

Absolutely! There will be a minimum number of people required to attend and a minimum cost. Contact me and we can work together. This would a great idea for church events, girls night in, a bridal or baby shower, a birthday party, a business get together, or even a Galantines Day get together. 

All you need is to have a predetermined location!

I am interested in setting up a subscription for my business, home, hotel or restaurant, can we do this?

Yes we can. Let's make an appointment to see what your needs are and go from there.

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