The Love Hate Relationship with Pinterest

Most of us have been on Pinterest; it's great for looking up DIY's and crafts. I have used it to find flower names, colors, and inspiration for the colors used on my website. I just used it to find out how to take in the waste of some pants.

When a couple gets engaged, or even before, the bride or sometimes groom, has their online vision board started on Pinterest. They may have a page just titled Wedding with anything and everything pinned under that page or they may have a page for Wedding Dress, Flowers, Honeymoon, etc. And then there are those that have subpages under the main page. Each tells a lot about the person.

But here is the thing, can you tell when the photos were taken? The style they are looking at may be from 8 or 9 years ago and long out of style. Also, most of the photos are professional photos and have been photoshopped up the wahzoo. Flowers just don't look like that. Take the photo below. Yes there are flowers that can look like one of these roses. but they are far and few in between. Plus the angle that the photo is taken makes the bouquet look much larger than it actually is.

Then there is the unrealistic person telling the florist that I saw the flower on Pinterest so it must be in season; i.e. the peony. Peonies are the "it" wedding flower. They are large, they come in all colors, they smell amazing, the bloom from April to June maybe. I say maybe because it is all about weather. Peonies love cool weather. Alaska actually has a great Peony season, but with temperatures warming up around the world the growing season is getting shorter. But in theory, yes it is possible to get peonies year round. The quality may not be as good and you will pay probably 5 times what you would when they are in season which is already a pretty penny.

These are fake!!
With these flowers, it is easily a $400 + bouquet

So why do florist still ask for a Pinterest page? In all actuality we can figure out the style and colors the bride wants but it may take some probing. Here are some of the questions you will be asked.

Why do you like this type of style? Then we look at the bride and see if it would fit with her body type.