Arizona Outdoor Wedding Flowers

So you want to get married in the beautiful surroundings of Arizona. I don't blame you. From Sedona, to Lake Pleasant, to Antelope Canyon, to of course Prescott you couldn't ask for any scenery more beautiful.

But the one thing that these all have in common is the wonderful dry weather. And if the season is just right, let's add the wind, or monsoons, or the 115 degree + heat if you are in the Valley or further South. All of these add up to a flower disaster. But this is why you hire a florist right?

So how do we combat this?

Type of Flowers

There is a reason succulents grow in the desert; they need little water. These hold up wonderful in bouquets and arrangements. Bonus; you can usually get them to regrow if you plant them.

Tropical flowers also do really well. That waxy coating on them protects them from the elements. Think bird of paradise, ginger, heliconia, protea, anthurium, and pincushion. And for the greens, palm leaves.

Then of course you have your dried flowers, the pampas grass, palm leaves, any grasses, bunny tail, died Seteria grass.

Plus your usual's, roses, carnations, lisianthus, eucalyptus, and blue thistle. But even the roses can even go so far. That is why you may here the more greens the better. It is also why there is a certain look or style to the Arizona desert wedding flowers which we all know as desert boho.


So when should you expect the florist to come set-up? It all depends on what florals you have. Will you have a arch or other type of installation? Installations are extremely hard to put together and takes more than one person to put together. If it is going to be windy that day, the florist will try to put them up at the last minute and do their best to secure the structure to whatever it is going to and the florals to the structure.

Keep everything in water until the last minute is of the utmost importance. And for anything out of water, and for those even in water mist those suckers with a spray bottle. This is even good advice year-round for outdoor or indoor weddings as it is so dry here.


Hire a good florist who knows what they are doing. Make sure you are flexible with your flowers, your florist should know what flowers will work best with the environment of your wedding. Trust, trust, trust.

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